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lasershow said:
Pavolink said:

According to some, Amiibo Festival is a harmless "free" spin-off, while SFZero is AAA or an important project. Not the same.

Ok well, I don't think you can really fully say that till the game comes out and you can play it. we've seen a couple of videos and that's it. 

Mario Tennis was less ambitious, and it's sales show. It may not be AAA series and you could argue its a spinoff but in the 2000's the two games comparitive sales have been close.

Starfox is what it is, never going to be a massive seller, but could still be a great game series (like Pikmin). The new one might be terrible, but like ive said I trust the two companies working on it.

Pikmin as a launch title looks more impressive than Star Fox.

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