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And enter the console market? Buying out both would cost them around 10% of their cash. I think they should do it. They already own your pocket, soon your car, leaving the living room the only place they do not own, the Apple TV has a limited market. Nintendo's home console hardware days seem over, they can not compete with a traditional console. Apple handles design of the hardware, do the marketing deals, Nintendo makes the games. They also enter the mobile market in the best way possible with Apple having total control over the Appstore. Nintendo mobile games and companion apps will have preferential position, we all know how big games are on the Appstore front page.

Sega acquisition is to fill in the gaps and bring more games to the platform because Nintendo alone isn't enough to supply games to both platforms, Sega is a great fit as it only costs a fraction of other publishers and they have a huge number of IPs(even more than Nintendo) to make the disgruntled hardcore fans switch over, a new leadership will bring their franchises back top a global audience seeing how Sega has been mismanaged for years. Apple also has the cash to grab all the 3rd party marketing and exclusivity deals so on top of pleasing the hardcore, it'd also have marketing for Fifa, GTA, Destiny, CoD etc.

If Apple does this, they own both traditional and mobile gaming forever. Would anyone be against this except the execs at Sony and MS? We finally get to play Nintendo games at the hardware we want, Sega makes a return, win-win for everybody.