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JNK said:
Teeqoz said:

No, speed tests don't tell you have powerful the hardware is. And you're saying I'm the one talking nonsense? The XBO is faster than the PS4 in speed tests, but that's not because it's more powerful. It has to do with software. Not hardware. The Galaxy S6 is factually more powerful than and Iphone 6S plus. It simply has more powerful hardware. The Iphone 6s plus can outperform it in speed tests because of software optimization. Not because it's more powerful. Keep on denying facts though, it's amusing that you think I am the ridiculous one though.

The 6s/plus is also stronger in raw hardware. Every single benchmark prooves this. Apple isnt well known for awesome software optimisation at all. Most games/programs run afwull on Mac OS compared to windows. Dont fool yourself.

Apple isn't the one optimizing the apps... The developers are. Same counts for games for Mac. The reason apps are more optimized for iOS is because it's a closed system without too mane different types of hardware. Meanwhile for Android you have a shittonne of different hardware. Furthermore, iOS users spend more money on microtransactions et. al. so it makes more sense for devs to focus on that version of an app running as good as possible, especially when it's easier to do so (I assume that you understand that optimizing for perhaps a dozen hardware configurations is a lot easier than optimizing for hundreds)

Teeqoz said:

The difference in image quality between a 4K and a 5K screen is negligable. And I do know what 4K and 5K means. 

4k = ~8,8 mio pixel

5k= ~14,7 mio pixel.

Difference= 5,9 Mio Pixels

[Difference between 1080p and 4k is 6,7 mio Pixels]

So the differences in pixel between 4k and 5k is almost the same as between full hd and 4k.

5k has 167% of the pixels 4k has.

Difference is negliable? Nope.

Diminishing returns. The difference in image quality between 1080p and 480p is much bigger than that between 1080p and 4K, even though you are adding a lot more pixels from 1080p to get 4k than you are when moving from 480p to 1080p. Even then, the jump from 1080p to 4K quadruples the amount of pixels, while 4K to 5K less than doubles it, and diminishing returns are everpresent. The jump from 4K to 5K is much much much smaller than the jump from 1080p to 4K, I really hope you aren't denying that.

Teeqoz said:

The laptop has a better CPU, a waaaaaay better GPU and just as much RAM as most Macbook Pros. SSHD vs SSD has little to do with actual hardware power, and wether the PC is made with plastic or metal has nothing to do with hardware power. Retina IPS display vs LED display, again, doesn't matter for performance.

SSDs arnt hardware? interesting.

Didn't say so, I said SSD vs SSHD has little to do with actual hardware power. Don't put words in my mouth. Of course SSDs are hardware.

the 750m is used in macbook pros as well. The latest Intel Iris pro graphics arnt much weaker btw. The CPUs in this class are almost the same.

The build quality and used display does both matter for the priece. So they are important. Show me a similar product as the macbook pro to proove they are "overprieced". Not something compeltly different thats "almost the same" in your opinion.


Here is an macbook pro for 1900$


Your Lenovo for 1300$


Fine, Lenovo was a bad example. Take this one instead:



HP Omen advantages:

*Slightly better CPU

*WAY better GPU

*Faster type of RAM (DDR3 SDRAM vs normal DDR3)

*Lower price 

Macbook Pro advantage:

*Better screen

Teeqoz said:

It's pretty fun how you call me an Android fanboy but I'm still writing this reply from my Iphone 5s. And once again, it's ironic that you call me uneducated in terms of computer/mobile hardware, yet you have shown extremely limited knowledge on the subject yourself.

Please stop trolling.

How am I trolling? xD

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