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BraLoD said:
Goodnightmoon said:

I didnt say that the oportunists made a bad job, they didnt, they probably deserve to be where they are now.

It's beyond ridiculous to call Sony/PlayStation opportunists, it's simply not true even if not meant at a bad tone.
The PlayStation was born in a partnership with Nintendo that tossed it away, Nintendo was as strong as ever and Sony took them away in their own game, they were not opportunities, they simply did a better job that Nintendo couldn't see (it's brutally clear as Nintendo wasn't happy with the PlayStation), that's vision, Sony build their own gaming envyronment, they didn't simply came and steal anything, they built it.

Nintendo didnt wanted to partner with Sony, but not because they were not happy with Playstation, get that out of your head. Sony wanted the rights of ALL the games published on the device, when the biggest proffits of Nintendo comes from software, that made no sense, Nintendo is stupid sometimes, but not THAT stupid, they were affraid of Sony being some opportunists that wanted to canibalize them, and maybe they were not wrong with that.

Now I didnt meant to say opportunist as an offensive thing by any means, there is no doubt Sony played their cards wisely, I also think Microsoft are opportunists of Apple yet I preffer Microsoft because I think they had made better job with the consumer for the most part, even if their software is actually inferior.