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Conina said:
Teeqoz said:

No, speed tests don't tell you have powerful the hardware is. And you're saying I'm the one talking nonsense? The XBO is faster than the PS4 in speed tests, but that's not because it's more powerful. It has to do with software. Not hardware. The Galaxy S6 is factually more powerful than and Iphone 6S plus. It simply has more powerful hardware.

So which applications can show the more powerful hardware  of the S6? Which demanding games or applications run smoother on an Galaxy S6 than on an iPhone 6 or 6S?

I'm sure there are tons of apps. The speedtest that user linked was one that didn't benchmark apps, just the OS, and thus I pulled a comparison between the PS4 and the XBO, where the PS4 is more powerful, but the XBO still has a faster OS. The problem with using specific apps to benchmark hardware, especially when the hardware doesn't have the same OS is that some apps/games will be better optimized for one platform, and vice versa. Benchmark tests put the S6 above the Iphone 6S plus in most aspects though, which corresponds with what we know about their actual hardware.