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Teeqoz said:

Hmm. Perhaps in some way. You forgot to include the rest of the story where Apple stagnates and starts relying on substantially weaker hardware than their competitors :-3


Furthermore, the NES ans SNES had bigger doses of capitalism than the PS1. Hence why third parties were happy when a notable competitor to Nintendo arose.

uhm apple where do apple use or rely on weaker hardware?

The a9x soc from the iPad air is by far the strongest mobile arm soc ever developed.

The a9 soc is by far the most effency arm soc ever developed. Same performance level like an 8core exynos cpu with just 2 cores.

The Macbook pro uses very strong components, Mac Pro same. Sure those machines arnt made for gaming, but they are still use high end hardware.

Apple also uses the fast harddrive memory available which outperforms modern ssds.

So where is this "weak" hardware?