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Turkish said:
If it's just a console a la PS4 like you're assuming and not something quirky like the Wii, then no. Not even close. Why do I have the feeling it's always the Americans who come up with questions like "will this or that ever dominate?" No, neither Nintendo or Xbox will ever become nr1 with a regular console. Go outside the US and you'll see they don't even have "console" in their vernacular, it's just the Playstation.

Hmmm... we shouldn't generalize an entire country of folks with this, especially when you can't be too sure anyway!

In truth, I agree that it would take a lot for the PlayStation to lose that #1 spot (at least, anytime soon), due to their current stranglehold on the global market. However, as gen 7 proved, you can trip over you're own feet (while also being beaten on your way down) and be right back to square 1. PlayStation is no exception.