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Puppyroach said:
KungKras said:

Currently in sweden, the state decides how many immigrants that we can take in every year. The state is further divided, with the smallest divisions called communes. These communes can have their own policies and are currently allowed to take in zero immigrants if they so wish. This does not in any way affect the total number that the Swedish state takes in.

So what happens when communes can say no to taking in refugees? Some will say no because of economics, they want other communes to bear ther financial load. And others will say no because xenophobic local politicians were voted in. The result is that the communes that do not refuse refugees will have to take in everyone that the other ones refused. Leading to immigrant concentration, ghettos and the like.

Worst of all is that the rich communes take the least responsibility yet have the best opportunity to receive many immigrants.

Exactly. And it messes up the integration process. May of the problems we have could be midigated over night if this was fixed.

Another thing that this would greatly improve is that a lot of the immigrants would be going to swede-heavy schools and sort of have to mix with the population and our ideals that way. Instead some schools being immigrant-heavy the way it is today.