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FragilE^ said:
KungKras said:

It's a bit more complicated than that. As I said, in the Swedish conciousness, the rise of SD is seen as one of our biggest national embarrassments ever and everyone but them are steaming furious. You would have to live here to understand how angry people are at them. So parties will do everything possible in order to distance themselves from holding even remotely similar views. The government can't put politicians on probation, that's up to the individual parties. At least I think that is how it works, I mean the whole of SD would have been put on probation for not being "politically correct" if the government had that kind of power.

Our government is one of the least corrupt ones in the entire world. I would be very surprised if there was some kind of conspiracy to shut down dialogue. I think the hate of SD has sort of polarized the debate and led to people being constantly on their guard for everything resembling a pro-SD sentiment. And I think it's the best we can do against them. Show them that no matter their numbers, they will never be considered  a legitimate party by the rest of the country.

Third largest party, possibly even larger. Well Fuck what the people want, fuck democracy and fuck free thought.

Just do like Korea, have only one possible candidate. With that system, we won't have the "risk" of people voting on the "wrong" party. Everyone wins! Right?

What are you talking about? The other parties are fully free to refuse to work with them. On what planet is that a dictatorship? Also until they get over 50% of the vote they will by definition not be "what the people want".

In fact, what most people want is for them to dissapear.