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Today I diagnosed myself with Food poisoning of some sort due to undercooked Pork. Other possibilities include mold infection or allergy.


Its pretty severe, and I should go to the Hospital. But I have no money, no car, and I am sick enough to be dangerous imo.

Putting it simply, I am really confused by my symptoms and not sure if I should stay home and heal or to risk the walk.


Minor Fever, higher if I go outside in the 20 F weather.

Hard time breathing when walking.


Minor muscle pains


Now I am really young, and pretty much none of these symptoms show up as I sit here and type this. But the moment I start walking to get a drink or go to class they show up. When I get to my destination takes about 5 min to get my breathe back.

It is really confusing, and I really don't want it to be Botulism. I am definitely waiting a day to see if anything improves, then I might risk the 2 mile walk.

Update: Feeling much better now. As I said if I got worse or stayed the same I would have walked to the hospital. But today I am feeling 98%. Took an exam without a problem. "Bad reaction" to the food and then dehydration appears to be the culprit. Live and Learn. Thread can be closed.