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BasilZero said:
Kennel83 said:
This thread reminds me of how much I need a new kirby in my life xD

I couldn´t stand the last kirby game on the wii u, so I´m craving for a new one.

My favourite would be Bomb Kirby, I love to play throwing bombs at anything that moves! Also, Indiana Jones Kirby is really fun to play and Water Kirby is also freaking good (I love it when he does a wave and moves through the stage like a seaquake.

My least favourite would be Rock, it´s really nice from a design point of view but I don´t think it´s as fun as the other powers. Beam Kirby and Parasol Kirby are a close second. Also, sleep kirby... what the heck?


Kirby Triple Deluxe on 3DS


I bought it on day one, and while a bit short I thought it was incredible! Have replayed it twice, and now I might start the third round xD