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They get a lot of crap from gamers. Broken games, unfinished games, low quality, etc. But how many other developers push out as much as they do? Not just pushing out games, but pushing out games that people really want to play!


Far cry games!

Assassins Creed games.

Tom Clancy series including upcoming The Division.

The Crew

Watch Dogs

Child of Light

Trials series




Just Dance

South Park games?


The list just does not stop and they push out a lot of games each year. Sure, GTA and Metal Gear and a few other games are the ones that push the review scores to the ceiling, but you only get one of those every 3-5 years. Ubisoft gives you a consistent turout of of games that you are actually excited for and have a lot of fun playing.

Despite Nintendo being a big game developer, I almost want to say Ubisoft gives them a run for their money.


Agree? Do you think anyone else beats Ubisoft besides Nintendo or EA?

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