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I created an account just to post on this topic. I have been just lurking on GAF for months. I am a hardcore gamer and own all three systems . What I have noticed is in the last week they have become really excited about Sony. It was weird the tone of the forum did change almost overnight. Now realistically what I feel is as hard core gamers they just got excited because there was some exciting Sony news for once. As a forum they tend to take news and run with it. They are absolutley being excited about the PS3 at Microsofts expense , I have no clue why that is. I can confirm alot of the posts are by Members in good standing and not the new Juniors really. So I don't think this accusation holds water. That said I would like to get on GAF. I think it's at times pretty unbiased. They have their fanboys like any site that deals with gaming, Wario 64 might be the finest stealth troll ever created by man ,