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Monty said: When was I proven wrong? Was it the time 20-30 people here actually believed that NPD data was for all of NA? Was it the time where I showed how NPD data and 10% of NA added up to nearly a half a million more than what vgcharts is showing? Was it the time where everybody said it was a half a million off in NA alone simply because the stats were out of date on vgcharts, and then you told me they are up to date.. meaning by NPD figures and the 10% figure alone, this site is THAT far off??? Was it the time where somebody actually believed that Japan was a Continent? Was it the time where they believed a press statement was a tax document and that all console makers have to have the same standard to release press statements? Was it the time where somebody believed that you could add US data, Japan data, and Europe and say that was WW data? Yes... clearly I have been proven wrong so many times.
Right, let's clear all this up once and for all!! NPD does track Canada as well. Data which is leaked and data which you cite is from NPD but just represents the USA. There is NPD data for Canada and you can get it and as a clue for you it is around 10% of the US data. 'Mexico' has never been a gaming region and sales there will be tiny if not zero - most mexicans will import from USA as you have been told. NPD data at the end of November was 3.4 million. Agreed? It has been posted a number of times. Figures for December range from 1.2m to 1.4m depending on the source - even if you take the higher value of 1.4m you get 4.8m at the end of December in the USA. Add your roughly 10% (the actual figure for Canada will be less) and you get 5.3m as a maximum. Add the rest of the world as we have also extrapolated from data we have (and you seem to have no problem with these figures) and you get to 8.3 million. Over and again this same process has been carried out and yet every time you still can't accept it. First you suggest that because Canada + Mexico have a population approaching the US that it's not unreasonable for 1.5m (your original estimate) to have been sold there!! Ok by the same logic we should expect 10m in India and 12m in China I guess? Then when that flaw was spotted you compared Microsoft's 900k shipped in December to the 600k sold in USA and take the difference as representing Canada. This shipped vs sold is a criminal mistake that a lot of people make. You're not accounting for copies that have been manufactured but not shipped (which MS DO count), shipped but not sold and the exact period that the figures cover. You also have to remember that MS will be doing all they can (as with Nintendo and Sony) to make the numbers as high as possible for good PR. 900k doesn't mean 900,000, it could be as low as 850,000 or whatever rounded up. The fact is that the figure for Canada was at launch and has continued to be around 10% max (from 8-10% depending on the month) of the US figure. Now having conceded this, you keep quoting Microsoft's 10.4m and just use an argument that they must have sold close to this to support your claims. You have also dropped from saying the figure should be 10m to something like 8.7m so you're almost there now Japan is indeed not a continent, press pr is usually bullish but does have to represent something because it is repeated in their financial data which goes to shareholders / tax etc, and you definitely CANNOT add up US + Japan + Europe to get worldwide figures. This is a mistake a lot of people make and we do not here on vgcharts. All data is carefully researched and adjusted / extrapolated accordingly. At the same time though, you cannot take pr statements from a company who had stated they would ship 10m by the end of 2006 and use their shipped (and maximised as much as possible) figure as being the actual amount sold.