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mrstickball said: Great to see Crackdown and FFXII top the charts - 2 great games that deserve the sales. As for Sonic & The Secret Rings - Thus far, 3rd party software for the Wii has been doing OK, but not great. It'll be a test of the Wii to see if it can do near Red Steel in the US and do 300k in its lifetime or more. IMO, Sonic will get around 70-75k for Feb, and do about 250k in its lifetime in the US, but do well w/w to atleast get 500k.
I think it's safe to say Sonic will do better than 300 in it's life time in the U.S. As for it's feb numbers, I'm not sure what it will do, but of course it will only represent one week of that month, so it should also do quite well for March numbers as well. Third party software has done quite well for the Wii considering it's only been out 3 months(that we have numbers for). Two 300k + titles with three more at over 200k seems pretty good to me. Especially considering it's a console that comes with a game, and already has another million + seller.

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