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BasilZero said:
AlfredoTurkey said:
Well, the forum rules are pretty damn hard to follow.

Not really....its easy to go on without getting a warning or a ban.

If a person dont make snarky jabs against people, go post random hate responses on articles or create a thread to round up users for a baitfest - you wont get banned plain and simple.

Along with not using NSFW avatars, posting inappropiate images on posts or giving links out to illegal material , etc helps too.

Also control of the emotions especially for their preferred platform of choice is something that is lacking for those who get banned every month or so.


I see no issues with the rules - only self-control or lack of with users.


I know of people who got banned for having an argument via PM even though there was no rule stating that it wasn't allowed. The moderation team, or moderator was just like, nope... and created precedent. That's the kinds of things I'm talking about. Having rules is cool but they need to be followed to the letter of the law. If you give modertors the ability to bend them, or judge based on their own discretion, you're not only making it REALLY tough on members to know what they can and can not say/do, but you're making it really tough to ensure the moderation is legit and not being abused. 

I can handle myself on this forum, though it's hard at times. I love the place and it's the only forum I visit. But there's always room for improvement and I think creating a set of bullet point rules, and forcing the moderators to follow them to the "T" would be a better plan than what's allowed now. But that's just my opinion.