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AbbathTheGrim said:

maverick40 said:

Wow that is from Japan? That was pretty cool actually. great riff going throughout the song.  For me I am all about thr drummers and rhythm but the drums were average and he just kept the rhythm going for the song  is fine I suppose. 7/10


Ok how about this song from by boys in ABR:

Matt Greiner is regarded as the greatest drummer in Metal.


Yeah, Sigh's drummer is not as intense as others.

I take it your favorite genre is Metalcore, I am seeing a pattern here. :P

The song is nice, I have heard August Burns Red before. I haven't seen Greiner being mentioned ever as the greatest Metal drummer in any name-dropping lists of greatest Metal drummers in the decades I've been listening to Metal. You are the first I've seen.

There will never be a greatest Metal "something" ever and have consensus on that, but there are indeed influential drummers that have shaped Metal as it was and is and I don't think Greiner had anything to do with that. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy his drumming, just saying.

One of my favorite drummers would be this guy:



1. I'm failing to see what's special about this Grenier person.  It sounds like the drumming in about 75% of metalcore. But I REALLY dislike metalcore, so I could be biased.

2. That Absu is fucking killer. 

3. While we're on the subect of awesome drummers...Quo Vadis drum footage (Silence Calls The Storm):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j_rf_UrsOM