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Carl2291 said:
Thanks for posting this, Zhuge. Really interesting read.

When you look at the sheer difference in revenue between mobile and console gaming, its really no wonder why so many eastern developers are shifting to the mobile market. The potential is gigantic. Even tapping into a small percentage of that crowd could do wonders for a console though, so lets hope that in the near future one of them drops onto a killer app for either platform.

I guess the Chinese market also explains why so many Western developers seem to be going for F2P these days too.

I wonder where China will be sitting in the grand scheme of things in 10 years time.

Thanks Carl, 

Sorry if the article was poorly written. 

Yup, China is now the biggest games market in the world and it's thanks to huge growth in Mobile and steady growth in PC.

Consoles have been banned for so long that imports were only around 2m per year at peak during 7th gen. Now that consoles are unbanned the truth is that it's just not a convenient gaming platform for them. Of course there will be a niche but Sony/MS will never capture a large portion of the market.

China is ahead in terms of F2P gaming in many ways, they've worked out how to make full experience games that consumers want to play and they make games where you can spend money to get good fast, but you don't need to spend money as long as you put in time to gain experience. Lots of players like this style and so will play the game for a long time.

I think China will be a much bigger gaming market 10 years from now with mobile bigger than PC. I think International expansion will happen as well. (both ways) 

Luke888 said:
I wonder what Ninendo could do in the Chinese market since most of their games wouldn't have reasons to be banned. Let's see what happens when NX launches since it's clear that Nintendo would lose money starting selling Wii Us and 3DSs in China now...

Nintendo chose not to launch Wii U/3DS in China but they did launch in Asia where the consoles didn't do well. Main reason is lack of localisation support. Only very big games get localised but smaller games are in Japanese..... for a Chinese audience..... 

For NX to succeed it needs the no region lock, it needs localisation, it needs social online features in games at all times + cheap pricing in line with other consoles in China.