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AbbathTheGrim said:
maverick40 said:

Geat Autopsy song. 7.5/10



I am not a fan of bands that focus way to much on rythm, make pauses on the sound, rely way too much on breakdowns so this is not my cup of tea. BUT, this song didn't have the vocalist singing pretty for verse or chorus at some point of the song, so that is something I appreciate in the constant trend of bands that do the above: 6/10

NEXT, something off Japan:


Wow that is from Japan? That was pretty cool actually. great riff going throughout the song.  For me I am all about thr drummers and rhythm but the drums were average and he just kept the rhythm going for the song  is fine I suppose. 7/10


Ok how about this song from my boys in ABR:

Matt Greiner is regarded as the greatest drummer in Metal.