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Conina said:

Good for you, but not everyone needs physical objects with pretty pictures on it to get in that nostalgic mode.

For example you can put all your favorite pictures (boxart, screenshots, concept art, fan art) of your favorite games in your screen saver rotation... every time it is shown on your display, you can glance over at it, it brings back a little bit of the feeling you had when you played the game as a kid, and the memories you have associated with it. Including the digital store you bought the game, the good feeling that you didn't have to freeze in that snowstorm outside, the happy memories you had with your family instead while the console was downloading the game, and how eagerly you were to start the game, when the download was almost finished. ;)

I'm happy with my physical and digital collections, but don't think that young gamers born in a digital age will get less nostalgic in a few years because they had no physical box for their games. Other pictures, retro reports, emulated/ versions of their childhood-games on new devices, game soundtracks or retro youtube videos will be enough to get them in the same nostalgic mode.

I didn't imply that everyone needs a physical copy of something to get nostalgic. I mentioned that I have digital items I cheerish, so there's no need to point out what I already acknowledged. I was speaking for myself, which I made pretty clear. I said that I liked knowing there's a physical copy of Majora's Mask inside the box, and that's clearly one thing that's different to me compared to just a poster or a digital picture. As for the snowstorm, there were more things to that story than what I posted here, but even though you could find a just as memorable situation staying at home, you're generally more likely to be exposed to something more memorable when you step out of your comfort zone and everyday situations. This is one of the appeals of going out with your friends rather than partying at home, which can also be nice at times. Though in your last paragraph you proclaim to know that other people would be just as nostalgic based on different scenarios. That someone somewhere would, I have no doubt. But if it's as many in general or fewer? That's not something we should proclaim to know. There are plenty of studies that show people's behaviour and outlook on things changing from generation to chaneration, so it's not something that can be ruled out.