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exdeath said:

I'm about 45 or so shy of a complete library. Most of what I don't have are 2016s sports games and a bunch of variant "deluxe" and "goty" and "complete edition" re-releases and some shovelware like Snoopy and Hasbro Family Fun Pack.

Gotta leave myself some room for clearance deals.  At one point I was actually caught up and sad when there was some big sale and I already had every possible game.  I've gotta pick up a few still like Darksiders II, Divinity, Starwars, Deadpool, Earth Defense Force 4.1, etc but the rest that I'm missing is monthly release crap I'll pick up in the $9.99 bin before this summer.

I did forget to include the Skylanders Dark stuff but oh whole who cares about those.

And yes I do play them lol  FF XIV set me back a year on actually playing anything.  

Most recently it's been Metal Gear Solid V, to Tales of Zestiria, to Fallout 4, and currently Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Then whatever I can sneak in before The Division owns me by the balls.  And I like to 100% JRPGs and stuff so.... ugh...

Awesome! yea i need to learn to not buy everything at release,waiting a couple of months and you can buy 2 games for the same amount.


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