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I'm about 45 or so shy of a complete library. Most of what I don't have are 2016s sports games and a bunch of variant "deluxe" and "goty" and "complete edition" re-releases and some shovelware like Snoopy and Hasbro Family Fun Pack.

Gotta leave myself some room for clearance deals.  At one point I was actually caught up and sad when there was some big sale and I already had every possible game.  I've gotta pick up a few still like Darksiders II, Divinity, Starwars, Deadpool, Earth Defense Force 4.1, etc but the rest that I'm missing is monthly release crap I'll pick up in the $9.99 bin before this summer.

I have a spreadsheet of games that I have, games that are available in physical form that I don't have yet, and a list of upcoming games and their release dates, along with one's I already have preordered and if there is a CE or not.  About once a week or so, I go over the games that came out and move them to the "available" or "have" sections and so on.  I really only only sit on the common stuff that I know I can get later, I'll preorder anything I want to play day one, esp JRPGs or stuff like Metal Gear or Fallout CEs.  But oddly I'm especially paying more attention lately to the unannounced physical releases of indy games that could possible be extremely hard to find later.

I did forget to include the Skylanders Dark stuff but oh whole who cares about those.

And yes I do play them lol  FF XIV set me back a year on actually playing anything.  

Most recently it's been Metal Gear Solid V, to Tales of Zestiria, to Fallout 4, and currently Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Then whatever I can sneak in before The Division owns me by the balls.  And I like to 100% JRPGs and stuff so.... ugh...