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xl-klaudkil said:
Madword said:
I'm actually thinking of improving my PS3 collection this year.... I have got one or two more to my collection in december for games that I wanted... but feel that I should pick up some before they are gone forever (well from being brand new). Should be able to clean up at about £10 each.

I'll still complement it by buying PS4 games (I think I have 57 PS4 games on disk)...

Awesome, for some reason the need to collect for the ps3 is gone.

I need a couple of Japanese games and that's it(got 279)

I know what you mean.... but theres still a few that I want just in case I ever play them... just got Force Unleashed 2, been meaning to get it for ages, AC rogue. I think my PS3 collection is around 250... but the kids keep trying to claim some of them as their own :D

Got a few that are still sealed, like Prototype 1/2... one day I might play them...lol.

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