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Hiku said:
Nem said:

I applaud you for beeing one of the few that still thinks, rather than just go with the flow. People in the internet already unilaterally decided that the NX is a new home console, more powerful than the PS4 and coming out in late 2016... with no evidence.

Yeah, its as unrealistic as it comes, but alas, they refuse to listen to reason.

How is Reggie saying that they've already publicly announced that they're hard at work on their next home console, not any evidence of a console?
There is a home console coming. That's a fact. Doesn't matter what it ends up being called, the fact that Nintendo already publicly talked about it means it's coming sooner rather than later.
Sony, Nintendo and MS all start R&D for their next console as soon as they release one, but they never publicaly talk about it until it's closer to release. Even when Sony went out to get developer's feedback for PS4, to see what kind of hardware they'd like, they blatently denied that it was for PS4, even though it was obvious to the devs. That's just how it works.

And feel free to point out where I'm not thinking here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=7627167

I've done plenty of thinking about this. Probably more than most people here, seeing as I haven't seen anyone else compile a post of breaking down the situation as thourooughly as I did.
The "more powerful than PS4" argument isn't backed by any evidence though. But don't pool that together with everything else.

Nintendo also launched GBA and Gamecube in 2001.
If there are two versions of NX, they may be released in two different time frames. But that WiiU would last until end of 2017 is looking very unrealistic.


Oh please... Sony is hard at work on the PS5. R&D is done years in advance as you yourself admited. How can you conclude from that that a new home console is coming this year?

There is a home console, but its not coming this year. The Wii U is only 3 years old. The 3DS is needing replacement before the Wii U. Besides the fact that Nintendo's president said that the NX is not the sucessor to the Wii and Wii U. In another thread i was beeing told how we should assume he is lieing. Its all very forceful.

Actually, you can work this out just by the fact that it would be imposible to have a launch line-up ready for this year. Then we get more forceful sugestions of imediate ports of Wii U games releasing this year. I run out of adjectives to classify the idea. Remember that a sucessor to the 3DS needs software aswell and that the president also said they will keep supporting the Wii U.


But, no... its a new-gen system for yesterday with no-games. Go Nintendo! The path to glory!