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Gamemaster87 said:
DélioPT said:
Might as well say the name of the person...

No, i don't believe it.
There are more comments pointing to a home console than a handheld. Just wouldn't make sense the "somewhere in 2017" for the home console - the one that needs to be replaced the most.
Did i say that saying the studio name was a bit too much?

Why should the home console replaced first? Doesn't make sense to me. And everything points to 2016 release of the 3DS successor. And two new hardware devices in one year? Nah...


I applaud you for beeing one of the few that still thinks, rather than just go with the flow. People in the internet already unilaterally decided that the NX is a new home console, more powerful than the PS4 and coming out in late 2016... with no evidence.

Yeah, its as unrealistic as it comes, but alas, they refuse to listen to reason.