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Aeolus451 said:
SlayerRondo said:

 agree with you on that one.

Still Bloodborne was my third favorite game of the year and can see why it would get the nod and I mean it's not like they chose Her Story.


Bloodborne is one of my favs for the year but the witcher is definitely better than it. The witcher's story was very well written and the quests were often fun to play but sometimes, they were sobering or very dark or just hilarous. Farting cave trolls caused me to have a fit of laughs when I came across them especially since the game has a very serious tone.

I have seen games as big as the Witcher 3 and games with the same quality.

But a game as large as the Witcher 3 still retaining such a high level of quality blows my mind and it may well be my No.1 game of all time to be honest.

Still, there games game of the year choices I disagree with, aka giving it to bloodborne, and ones that piss me off like Polygon giving it to Her Story.

This is the Game of Thrones

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