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Now, game retailers aren't doing it for charity. The profit on one unit of Wii Fit isn't going to be much different from the profit on one unit of, say, Mario Galaxy. Now, given the choice between selling 20 copies of Mario Galaxy, and 1 unit of Wii Fit, which do you think they are going to opt for?

Obviously Wii Fit, because your other thread is suggesting that Mario Galaxy doesn't sell well anyway.

This thread.

hanafuda may have not many posts, but the threads he starts are usually entertaining when looking back at them a few weeks/months later.

 Haha. His posting history is a gold mine:

I found this one:

" The Wii honeymoon is over in Japan.

Sales of the hardware are down week over week.


Three reasons.


The Wii user base is all over the place, and Nintendo (and to some extent, third parties) don't know what to do about it.


Too few games, and what is being released is either too shallow, doesn't fit the user base (Fire Emblem), or is just plain old crud. Certainly nothing resembling a killer app.


Wii Sports. We've seen it. We've played it. Next please.

Super Paper Mario will give the system a boost for a few weeks, but I predict that will be short-term. After that? Well, looks at the release schedule and judge for yourselves."