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thatguymarco said:
mZuzek said:
thatguymarco said:
It used to be Paper Mario like a month ago. Guess which it is now. Hint: Look at my pic.

Is it Overrated Tale?

Yeh. Wouldn't call it overrated though, just annoyingly-everywhere for anyone that didn't feel the magic while playing it or just isn't interested in it, that game has just to much of soul for me to call it such a silly term. So, what's yours?

Oh. That's not a good response, you had to overreact and get defensive about the game.

That is, because I'm kinda trolling, since I actually haven't played Undertale to know if it's as good as the hype implies. I haven't even seen barely anything from the game (I mean, plot-wise, trailers, gameplay and the like), so I don't even know if I would be interested in it or not. However, I always got the feeling that the hype for it was a bit exaggerated and am almost sure that I won't like it that much when I do get around to trying it out... but we'll see.

I won't say what's my favorite game, though, because that's coming up on the greatest games event thread, so it's kinda silly to give it away 4 days in advance.