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luisgvm said:

Hahaha omg thank you for that xd, well I joined the site many years ago, but I did not visit the site for like 2 years xdd. It made me sad that Sony did not release a sequel, prequel, remake, spin-off or something about the game xd.

The worse is that they may never do, it's so damn forgotten by Sony itself, still can't believe there wasn't even a note for LoD 15th anniverssary that happened together with PlayStation Experience last year with the PS1 20th anniverssary, not even part of some of the promotional videos to the event or blog/tweet posts that were coming all the time... Such a huge disrespect.

Well, even so, will always be waiting for it and believing. The game theme song is "If You Still Believe" afterall. Gotta keep it alive!

Anyway, post again now, spreading LoD love is never too much!