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BraLoD said:
luisgvm said:

Yes I do. For me, my all time favorite game is The Legend of Dragoon. Is just an amazing RPG, and I am an JRPG junky xdd. It has an epic and compelling story and an original gameplay, I have played that game like ten times and it never gets old. And i always recommend it, you guys should play it :D  Final Fantasy 7 comes in close second xdd. 

You should post more bro, how the hell didn't I even knew you yet with such the great taste you have?

Hahaha omg thank you for that xd, well I joined the site many years ago, but I did not visit the site for like 2 years xdd. It made me sad that Sony did not release a sequel, prequel, remake, spin-off or something about the game xd.