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John2290 said:


Er, no, he's just one guy I dislike for his hipsterish opinions which he tries to push as objective views for his fans. It should not be about being cool and more about being true to his viewership. That's why I dislike him.


And you said it, not me. I couldn't tell the difference between an indy title these days and a small game by a big studio passed off as an indy title. True small team indies (and it sucks that I need to specify from a small team) are being over shadowed by these big studios who release child of light or whatever else. Rocket league is one success story.

Are we talking his general attitude and the way he talks to others?, because outside of the shows he does he's different, he's not always "thank god for me" and even then most of the points he throws out and issues with the industry are objectively right, the practices some pull over us as being bad is exactly what they are, I don't get how that makes him a hipster or someone to dislike, he wactually wants change brougt about in a big way and wants most of the big ehads to be brought kicking and screaming to the reality we want.

The way you talk about indie's as if they don't matter is what I was questioning, indie games are usually from "independent devs", if it's backed with millions from a corp or publisher then chances are it's not a proper indie game, Minecraft started out as indie along with the devs but now they made it big and then were bought by MS so they aren't indie no more, the game I'd think still is one since that's how it came about.

The devs behind RL also made the same concept of a game back in 2008 on a Sony system as well.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersonic_Acrobatic_Rocket-Powered_Battle-Cars (same devs, same type of game and sport).