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To understand what you did: Shy people are usually social outsiders. They are to some level used to being target of pranks and built some sort of emotional shielding. This mostly involve to not trust anyone and always expect to be target of a joke. What you did got past this defenses, so this time you really hurt him. This will make him even more defensive in the future and he'll probably trust people even less.

What you can do: apologize and wait. Maybe he'll never forgive you, maybe he will - in months or even years. So don't force any contact, but apologize regularly. The only one who might have a chance to talk to him right now is Ashley, but don't bet on it. And don't expect her to save your ass, the only thing she could possibly do is relieve some of the pain. But it is very possible he'll not talk to her too.

And you should say what you did to his parents. It is not unheard of that people commit suicide over such a thing or do other stuff, so you should fully explain what you did to his parents so they could react accordingly.

The good message: If you behave he might forgive you and you can be friends again - some years down the line.

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