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FattyDingDong said:

Update:  A lot of people are wondering if I may be joking about the whole thing, unfortunately i didn't make it up and it all really happened. I wish I could go back and cancel the whole prank but I can't do that. I have tried contacting my cousin Jim and still no luck.. his parents told me that he doesn't want to talk to me or Tom. I just hope he is ok thats all i care about at this point.

How is it now? Any more update? 

Did you make it with your cousin?

I have tried numerous times contacting Jim and trying to talk to him but have failed miserably. He has deleted me(and Tom) from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.  This has really pissed me off because I was man enough to acknowledge my wrong doings and apologize but he refuses to even look me in the eye and hear me out. He is disrespecting me and Tom at this point we are both older than him by 3 or 4 years.  He has even told his parents not to accept my phone calls or reply to my text messages. Tom tried to contact Jim's only friend Chris and he has apperantly told him that he wishes to never see us again(according to Chris). So at this time I wont bother sweating over this thing anymore because I have done the right thing and apologized(numerous times) and if he chooses to be disrespectful and immature about it it's his problem.

The one being immature and disrespectful at this point is you. If you were truly sorry and had learned anything from this, you would gracefully bow out and respect his wishes after what you did instead of taking the easy route and having the fucking gall to put the blame on him to make yourself feel better.

Your self-justification is pitiable.

And no. Just apologising doesn't cut it. Not if you're just being selfish and trying to make yourself feel better about what you did by apologizing. Jim has every right not to want anything to do with you ever again, and you have no right to feel pissed off about that. If you really, only for a second actually had aknowleged your mistakes honestly you'd know that. He owes you nothing. least of all, respect. You gambled that away thoughtlessly.