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Bravely Default (In progress)
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Finished)
Mario Party 10
Game and Wario
Pandora's Tower (Finished)
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Finished)
Xenoblade Chronicles X (In progress)
Yoshi's Woolly World (Finished
Halo 5 (Forced myself to finish)
Blops 3
Shovel Knight (Finished)
Sunset Overdrive (In Progress)
Halo Masterchief Collection (Finished all four campaigns)
Metroid Prime (Still need to start lol)
Odama (Finished)
WarioWare Inc.

Going into 2016 I have a bigger backlog than I would like to have, and I'll also be probably getting a few more games as gifts on Christmas, so I definitely need to crack down and finish some of the games. Xenoblade X and Bravely Default will take such a long time though...

P.S. Also as a Wii U owner, I'm ashamed I didn't get Mario Maker. I'll make it one of my first purchases in 2016.

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