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Aerys said:
And to say Microsoft hoped to be able to fight Uncharted 4 with this, they couldnt even match the level of the collection , this partnership is catastrophic for everyone involved, Microsoft who spent ton of money for nothing , Square Enix who will have to wait 1 year to get the money from the game they developped , the développer and tomb raider who didnt deserve it but are dishonored by all this story.
Thanks Microsoft


well we dont know how much microsoft paid, nor how much square and microsoft expected to sell.

but yes, it would appear unless MS paid a crazy amount, that square got less than they bargained for, and if MS did pay a huge amount, then they got the raw end of the deal. reguardless, it appears it was bad all around, but without dollar tags, and sales expectations we cant know for sure.

but it would seem this damaged the brand, even though the game is seemingly great.

i for one thinks it looks awesome, but wont buy an xbox for it, and wont buy it new when it comes to PS4, i will buy used. because i want to play this great game, but do not wish to reward square