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Euphoria14 said:
binary solo said:
MS bought the exclusivity and then decided to ignore the game, except when it came to list wars. The literally did the minimum necessary under whatever obligations they had in the contract and left the game to its own devices. Who the hell does a retailer exclusive bundle for a fecking platform exclusive game? That's an outrage.

I am really mad at MS. Not because they have RoTR exclusive for a year, but because they put the survival of the franchise at risk. PC and PS4 are going to have to save the day, and a game should never be put into that kind of position. Especially since there is no guarantee at all that PC and PS4 can save the day.

I am soo pissed at the complete bullshit spin that came out of Crystal Dynamics when the exclusivity was announced. MS are great partners blah blah, take the franchise to the next level blah blah (paraphrasing here). Looking back on that PR crap and seeing what little effort MS actually put into helping to sell the game about the only obvious contribution MS made was handing over a wad of cash to keep the game off PS4. And making a few Tomb Raider themed cardboard boxes.

Terrible to say, but this is exactly what happened. MS bought exclusivity and then left it to die.

I doubt S-E/MS relations are the same after this trash. They bought to say "Look, we have an Uncharted-type game. Then when Uncharted got pushed back they no longer gave a damn.


This deal may have likely killed the franchise.


If I were S-E, I would not trust MS with exclusivity for a 4-5M selling franchise, especially when they show they don't give a damn.


PC and PS4 ain't going to save the day.  By the time, it comes out on PS4 (late 2016), it'll be a forgotten game.   As for PC, people are not going to pay full price either.  I'm waiting until a cheap Steam sale (< $10).