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gabzjmm23 said:
Never said:

I've really only tried a little and I think I'm going to leave it until after I've finished xenoblade (I'm level 74 I think I'm somewhere near the end... maybe) and played through fallout 4.

On the surface X is disappointing when compared to xenoblade.

The conversations seems wooden and filled with pauses. The presence of a silent protagonist really doesn't help and I think in this case that was a design mistake.

The music does jar with me and I thought I'd be ok with it.

The off tv play seems like an after thought and as someone who is playing xenoblade entirely in off tv mode I can say that Xenoblade has got far better off tv support. It has larger clearer fonts and the map is mapped to the convenient minus button. I prefer the button mapping in xenoblade but that might be because I'm used to it. I also prefer the menu system, again that could be because I'm used to it - along with the larger clearer fonts which work well in off tv mode and with my so so eyesight.

I haven't played enough to give more negative crit. But what I liked about X was the sense of scale, the outdoor visuals and strange life forms and their more realistic behavior such as feeding and sleeping.

It's more open and less plot orientated than xenoblade and I feel it is to dissimilar to warrant the xenoblade name. It suffers from comparisons which is a shame.

I've not yet finished Xenoblade, and it's not perfect, but Xenoblade is likely one of, if not the best, jrpgs I've ever played. Expecting X to live up to that, especially when it's trying to be something very different, is too much.

i've clocked 200+ hours on XC, so I know how you feel especially you are still playing XC and it would be hard to directly compare it.  you'll get used to the music if you clocked around 100+ hours in XCX.  I'm only 9 hours in XCX, and the font size and other things are very new to me. especially less tutorials compared to XC.

when people played XC, and tutorials where there, people hate it. but now when there isn't any tutorial, please is asking for it. :D

not sure if there is a part of the game that would discuss topple, etc.. but it seems really more into advanced gamers to know the game by themselves.  there are too many things that the gamers need to understand XCX in order to play it through outside the story mode.

I honestly don't think tutorials are needed in this game. Sure, you can check the manual, but I didn't have to. I tried all the menus, info, gamepad options, gameplay, art descriptions... All in game. It's overwhelming when you first play it, but I think it's fairly accesible. It drags some problems from the first game, for example, fetch quests. I'd limit the fetch quests to an area, or some hexagons, not an entire continent. And I think it could be an option to change your team mates instantly, not having to search them in NLA. Honestly, the times I felt lost it was entirely my fault, everything is in the game to make you progress. Overally I'm enjoying it a little bit more than the first, and that's something. I've already clocked 30 hours, and I feel myself very invested in this game. Somebody said that in this thread, but yeah, it feels like a Japanese Mass Effect. Story-wise and setting remind me more of Xenogears than Xenoblade. Oh, and I bloody love the OST. It's very unconventional and different for a RPG in a good way. Lots of variety in songs and themes. I feel like this game will probably be in my top 5 JRPGs of all time, with Xenogears, Xenoblade, FFVII and DQVIII.