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gergroy said:
I'm about 20 hours in (almost have my skell) and it is a very fun game, but it has a lot of little irritations. Lip sync is horrible, music is either really good or god awful, text size is too small, and the social stuff is just confusing.

Still, gameplay is solid, story is slow, but it seems like it just kicked it up a notch so I'm intrigued. I'd give it an 8.5 as of now. Good game with a lot of little annoying things.

Damn, off topic, but it's been a while since I saw you on here! Hope you're doing well. Now to respond to your comment... 

How bad is the lip sync? That's a huge pet peeve for me, ugh... I heard some of the songs and I don't like the rap if that's in there still, I hope that the rap music is not menu music...