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I like the design and there are some nice new features, but customisation seems to have taken a hit in favour of windows doing things for you.

And there are some weird quirks that I don't understand. Just a few examples:
- If I open the start menu and hover the mouse over it, I can't scroll until I click somewhere on it (which means you have to leave some kind of gap in the live tiles to tap on or accidentally open an app)
- The accent colour only changes for some apps, I have set up most of my live tile space now but solitaire & weather remain blue when all other tiles change colour... speaking of which if you want a consistant scheme you can only choose from 48 colours.
- I have a fingerprint sensor so I set-up hello with it, so now I can log in with a fingerprint... which is nice, but to set it up I have to create a pin, which then has to be a log in option. Why add an extra security layer such as a fingerprint only to be able to bypass it with a pin, which is less secure and less easy to remember than a password.
- Navigating the start menu with the arrow keys is a mess: You have to press enter to access jump lists in the most used programs/file explorer despite the right key not doing anything (it would have made sense if it moved focus to the live tile section)
- In the all apps list you can navigate up & down with keys, but get to the bottom and you have an extra three mysterious presses of the down key before it takes you up to the top except now it cycles through the letters (a feature I might like if you could type a letter to go to that section, but nope) until it gets to Windows accessories folder. Oh and while you can keep going down and cycling through, if you go up it never cycles back to the bottom.
- If you pin a program it won't appear in most used (which admitedly is good but only because most used is limited to 6 for no reason) and also pinned programs don't have jump lists
- I don't and will never use OneDrive, yet it is now a permanent feature of my file explorer unless I edit registry keys

There are many others, the vast majority of I admit are very minor niggles that I can work around, but at the same time they don't make any sense. It's like the designers were halfway through implementing keyboard navigation when they gave up.