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Nintation360 said:

Look I LOVE Nintendo so much, they litarally CREATED my childhood. I love Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid and so much others!  2015 is by far the WORST year for Nintendo. 

Horrible Nintendo Direct in November


  But I TRUELY believe Nintendo has lost their touch. I just can't stand being dissapointed over AND OVER again by that company. I'm GLAD Nintendo is suffering financially because they DESERVE everything coming their way. THAT'S what they get for NOT listenin to the fans. I would toss my money for Metroid Wii U and for Zelda Wii U.  Like look at Metacritic! Its the worst year for Nintendo for Metacritic in ratings! But it's soo possible Wii U will be my last Nintendo console.  Nintendo LISTEN TO YOUR FANS! WE WANT METROID, WE WANT ZELDA U. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR DIE HARD FANS GIVE US WHAT WE WANT.   

In 2015. I played best game in last few years, that game is Splatoon, also there same great other Nintendo games in this year like Yoshi Woolly World, Mario Maker and Xenoblade X. So definitely 2015 is not worst Nintendo year ever. 

Nintendo Direct in November was pretty good, I dont see how you can say that was horrible.


Nintendo isn't lost their touch at all, games like Mario Tennis, Amiibo Festival and Metroid Prime Federation are just a filler till NX arrives. Actually Nintendo dont suffering financially, they making profit for two years now. Metroid will come on NX deal with it, Zelda U will come next year. Nintendo listen their fans, but they cant change lotsa staffs in middle of generation.

Nintendo is in very tough position currently, there going through so many changes currently, they lost their CEO and recived new one, they merged their divisions and teams, they preparing launch of new account and new services for next year, they preparing launch of their first mobile games, they preapring games and launch of completly new NX platform for next year. All that had effect on this year, but next year will pretty big year for Nintendo.