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It's a pity SWBF is rather a disappointing game. Given all you get is a plain PS4 and a Star Wars themed cardboard box and a mediocre game I wonder how well the $300 SWBF bundle will do. the NDC bundle is superior to the SWBF bundle especially since you do actually get multiplayer content as well as 3 great singleplayer games, albeit at a beta and for a short period of time.

I wonder how many people are going to by the SWBF $299 bundle on the back of movie hype only to suffer from buyer's remorse because the game is a major disappointment, especially to anyone who actually wants to play a singleplayer game. How many people who only have a mostly modest interest in video games and thus might not know there is no story campaign in SWBF will buy the SWBF bundle only to be hugely disappointed when they find out they don;t get to play an adventure story in the Star Wars universe? The $299 SWBF deal is definitely aimed at people who are hyped on the movie but who may not be well educated on the game.

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