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Shadow1980 said:

Time for today's update to the monthlies:

PS4 NDC bundle (phys. copy): #1 (—)
XBO Gears bundle: #11 (—)
PS4 Star Wars basic bundle: #15 (—)
PS4 COD bundle: #26 (↓2)
PS4 NDC bundle: #31 (↓4)
XBO Fallout 4 bundle: #32 (↓1)
XBO 1TB Holiday bundle: #33 (↑3)
PS4 Star Wars LE bundle: #45 (↓6)
3DS XL Mario bundle: #82 (↓6)

No movement for the top three bundles, but everything below #20 aside from the XBO 1TB 3-game bundle is down.

EDIT: Dangit! Someone stole mah thunder again. *grumble*

Keep an eye for the Yearly and post it asap.

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