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Anyway, the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console during Black Friday, with a 42% of share.
In others hands, XB1 is a very, very close second, with only 1% share under PlayStation 4 with a total of 41% share.

Last, we have the Wii U, which has almost tripled the %share compared to last year, we are talking about 17% in 2015 compared to last year 6%.

Here a full comparation with 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Now, about software.

Black Ops III was as expcted the bigger game this Black Friday, followed by Madden NFL 16 and NBA 2K16.
Fallout 4 at number #8, Star Wars at #13, and as exclusives, we have Nintendo at #12 with Mario Maker and #18 with Splatoon, and MS with Halo 5 at #15.

Here the TOP 20