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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
danasider said:

This is hilarious. And so true. Despite liking the prequel fights myself and being impressed by all the choreography, I couldn't help feel like a lot of the stuff going on screen was so unnecessary. Like Annakin and Obi-Wan constantly spinning their lightsabers like they were batons. These are weapons meant to kill the opponent, and 3/4 of the attacks looked like they would never connect even if the opponent stood still.

So even though the fights in the prequels are a lot more impressive in terms of speed, choreography and flashiness, they are silly. Which is why I can see people who enjoyed the original trilogy hating on them, not necessarily because of sheer prequel hate.

And in the OT, George Lucas saw the jedi more as samurais than ninjas or kung fu masters. He even had the jedi hold the lightsabers with two hands for the most part. It may have been slower and less flashy, but it had a lot of style. My favorite dual is between Vader and Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. It didn't need a lot of flashy moves, the fight actually made sense for the most part, and most importantly, there was a lot of emotion and even a sense of urgency on Luke's face as the terrifying monster is coming at him with both the force and the lightsaber. So much substance.

That's not to say I am some prequel hate-monger. It's called having an opinion.

Holy shit...If you replace lightsabers with Katana's, it starts too look extremely ridiculous they way they are used some times, like horribly impractical.

If you're gonna go that far. They are unpratical in a fight, to begin with. You wouldn't be doing those fancy twirls with a weapon that can cut off your own hand that easily. Ignoring the time that's wasted during the fight. You could probably shave off all those moves, and get back 5 minutes.