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coolbeans said:
Robert_Downey_Jr. said:

and yet neither of them reach the low of acting and writing that the prequels do

Acting certainly, but writing?  There's a lot of shit, whether it be stupidity or pacing, within IM 2+3 that plummets to whatever level you're considering for the prequels if we're trying to act "objective" about this.

yes writing.  There's no sand monologue or yippies in Iron Man 2 and 3.  Also quit trying to put Iron Man 2 and 3 on the same level as each other.  2 is clearly inferior.  The only people who act like 3 is a bad film at all are the ones who are pissed at the Mandarin twist because Marvel outsmarted them and hid it from the marketing team because god forbid anyone actually conceal their twist instead of revealing it a la Terminator Genesis (not spelling it their way)

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