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coolbeans said:
Robert_Downey_Jr. said:

and yet neither of them reach the low of acting and writing that the prequels do

Acting certainly, but writing?  There's a lot of shit, whether it be stupidity or pacing, within IM 2+3 that plummets to whatever level you're considering for the prequels if we're trying to act "objective" about this.

I feel there was bad scriptwriting in the prequels. Mainly for the dialogue, but there were also very few cohesive plot elements to drive the narrative.

It's like the main plot was more of an afterthought to showing how Anakin became Darth Vader. And Anakin's character is very under developed. His frendship with Obi Wan is developed off screen and explained in exposition. And the love story beetween him and Padme is pretty much the same way.

Btw, this guy is clearly not evil.

Nice deductive skills there, Anakin.