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noname2200 said:
BasilZero said:

As for my wishlist...uhh its a bit of a mess (JEMC knows why LOL) so is it ok if I post my wishlist of the 10 most wanted games that I want XD? I have a GOG account but everything I want is actually on Steam.


Welcome aboard!

Yeah, you can post your wishlist, or PM me with it instead if you prefer. I'll also pass on the word to your Santa to use Steam instead of GOG.

Did both :o

Also I dont mind if the game I get is less than $10 - more than half of my list is less than 10 dollars during sale times lol

Also noname - not sure but do I have you on Steam friend list? If not send invite :O

ktay95 said:

Your wishlist is what I scroll through when looking for a random game to buy

Lmao! XD - well I have the obsession of wanting almost every game n_n (except sports games, I hate sports games unless it has Mario in it l0l D:)


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