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Wii_gamer said: The press releases are based on the annual reports which present all the data, most of it for shareholders and tax purposes. Monty I think the problem is that you keep arguing the same point despite 20-30 people proving you wrong, as though you think you know more than them and they are all stupid. This kind of attitude winds people up and makes them hostile towards you. A debate is always a good thing but you have been proven wrong a number of times already, keep adjusting your argument and finding even more obscure 'sources' to keep it going. 10.4m shipped, 8.3m sold through
When was I proven wrong? Was it the time 20-30 people here actually believed that NPD data was for all of NA? Was it the time where I showed how NPD data and 10% of NA added up to nearly a half a million more than what vgcharts is showing? Was it the time where everybody said it was a half a million off in NA alone simply because the stats were out of date on vgcharts, and then you told me they are up to date.. meaning by NPD figures and the 10% figure alone, this site is THAT far off??? Was it the time where somebody actually believed that Japan was a Continent? Was it the time where they believed a press statement was a tax document and that all console makers have to have the same standard to release press statements? Was it the time where somebody believed that you could add US data, Japan data, and Europe and say that was WW data? Yes... clearly I have been proven wrong so many times.