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RolStoppable said:

Cowbros, answer me this:

Your team is currently in possession of the 16th seed in the NFC. (In case someone doesn't know, there are only 16 teams in a conference.) Do you honestly believe that there is a chance that your team can move up 12 spots over the span of six weeks?

EDIT: Relevant to the topic:

Undefeated and coming off a 44-16 mauling of the Washington Redskins, coach Ron Rivera was surprised to hear Monday that his 10-0 team rolls into Dallas on Thanksgiving as underdogs to the 3-7 Cowboys.

Nobody likes the Panthers.

The Panthers versus Redskin game was actually very close for one quater but then Carolina opened a can of wupp ass the rest of the game and Cam Newton had one of his best games as a pro (5TD's zero picks).  There is no way the Panthers should be underdogs going into Arlington (that is where the Cowboys play the stadium is not even in the same county as Dallas) on Thanksgiving.