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Xiru said:


I'll agree to this. The Wii is trying to compete for some of the core gamers that the 360/PS3 are also targeting, but the majority of the Wii's user base are new gamers or "casual" gamers. There is so much untapped potential in the non-gamer market as Nintendo is proving week by week with its amazing sales numbers. In fact, even at my work, this 56 year old lady came up to me and asked me about the Wii and said she wanted one because of Wii sports. I then told her I had a PS3/360 and Wii and I liked my PS3 the best and she couldn't understand why and she then told me her neighbor, who is also a non-gamer, has one. Also, almost every one of my gamer friends who owns a Wii also owns a PS3 or 360. So the Wii is also seen as a complimentary system. It was a smart strategy by Nintendo to target these markets, and they are reaping the rewards. What gets me frustrated is when people try to tell me that its a gamers machine and offers a similar experience to 360/PS3. This just isn't true imo. So far, the only 2 games I've enjoyed at all on the Wii are Mario Galaxy and Brawl. And these are sequels, in which most of the other games in the series were awesome as well. I have yet to see a good exclusive, original Wii game that offers me the experience I've had on my PS3. In this regard, the Wii is not in the same league as 360 or the PS3, as they offer the superior gaming experience. I firmly believe that even with the amazing success of the Wii, that 3rd parties will still choose the PS3 and 360 as the platform of choice for huge, epic games likes Final Fantasy 13. At the end of the day, the Wii will destroy all in sales, but the HD consoles will still have the best games.

 To me it's just the other way round. Playing RE4:Wii was such a great improvement over piss poor analog stick targeting, it felt like a whole new game. And Galaxy was like a revelation, as I felt that Nintendo still has the magic to deliver completely new gaming experiences. I don't miss last gen controls.